Jamia Ashrafia Declares Use Of TikTok, Snack Videos As 'haram'


Jamia Ashrafia declares use of TikTok, Snack videos as 'haram'

Mufti Zakria of the religious seminary says producing and sharing content of TikTok and Snack videos is ‘haram’ [prohibited], arguing that sometimes ban on permissible acts and things may lead people to careless attitude, and therefore, these doable and permissible acts are declared ‘haram’ to stop people from sinful acts eventually.  

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-June 15th, 2021) Jamia Ashrafia—a known religious seminary in the provicial capital—has declared use of ‘TikTok’ and ‘Snack videos’ as ‘Haram’ [prohibited].

In its Fatwa [decree], Jamia Ashrafia has said that producing content of these apps and their spread is ‘haram’.

It has issued the Fatwa in response to a question put by a local citizen for use of these two apps.

“The bad videos on TikTok and Snack video are the things to cause damage to faith [Iman]. Therefore, making their content and sharing with others,” said the Fatwa.

Talking to a local tv, Mufti Zakria said, “The world is progressing, has reached the top but our youths are falling down and down by using these appliations,”.

“There is a great need to spread awareness among the people stop their children from using these things,” he added.

Answerig to another question, Mufti Zakria said that use of these apps even if the content was not that kind of vulgar was not permissible under Sharia law.

He argued that relaxation of on permissible acts might lead people to committing wrong or sinful acts, and therefore, the permission was not granted to the people for their overall good.

“There is a complete perspective even on the doable things or acts. No permission is there even on the doable acts and things under the Sharia law if there is any chance of people crossing the line,” he explained.

“Avoiding from these apps is important because these are mostly used for spreading vulgarity and for its promotion in the society,” said the Mufti.

A few months ago, Pakistan Telecommunication banned the use of TikTok over irresponsible and vulgar content on TikTok—the Chinese app. Once Peshawar High Court also banned the same app but later on assurance of the PTA officials and relevant authorities allowed its use.

In its last warning, PTA had made it clear that if these app continued to spread ‘vulgar content, there is more chances of permanently banning these apps.