Roscosmos Confirms Possibility Of Launching Space Vehicles From Vostochny Spaceport To ISS

Roscosmos Confirms Possibility of Launching Space Vehicles From Vostochny Spaceport to ISS

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 17th March, 2019) One of the routes opened for launches of Soyuz-2 carrier rockets from the Vostochny space center can be used to launch manned and cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS), a spokesperson for the Russian state space corporation Roscosmos told Sputnik on Sunday.

Earlier in the day, a document of AlfaStrakhovanie insurance company obtained by Sputnik revealed that a route was opened at Vostochny cosmodrome for launching of manned and cargo spacecraft into orbit with an inclination of 51 degrees to the equator, which is used by the ISS.

"Indeed, [the route] with an inclination [of 51 degrees to the equator during launches from Vostochny spaceport] can be used for flight to the ISS," the spokesperson said.

Until now, rocket carriers heading to the ISS have been launched only from the Baikonur space center.

However, the spokesperson noted that at present this "route is open only for automatic space vehicles [designed for launches] by Soyuz-2.1a or 1b carrier rockets."

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