Samsung Invites You To‘Bespoke Home’ Virtual Event To Discover Its 2021 Home Appliance Lineup

Samsung Invites You to‘Bespoke Home’ Virtual Event to Discover Its 2021 Home Appliance Lineup

At the ‘Bespoke Home’ 2021 event, Samsung celebrates the global expansion of the Bespoke refrigerator lineupalong with an expansive range of new purposeful lifestyle appliances.

Lahore (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 5th April, 2021) Samsung Electronics today announced it will host itsfirst‘BespokeHome ‘event on May 11, 2021,unveiling its vision of customizable design with flexible features and smart connectivity, fully realized through its latest innovations.

“While the role of appliances hasn’t changed much over the past century, our home lifestyleshave changed rapidly,” said J.S. Lee, President and Head of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. “Today’s homesaresmarter and our tastesin designare morediverse andsophisticated. We expect our appliances to reflect the way we live now. That’s why we created Bespoke —tailor-made to fit today’s more plugged-inneeds and refined tastes.”


The ‘Bespoke Home’ event showcasesSamsung’s most consumer-centric products to date, including yet-to-be-unveiled lifestyle appliances that embody the Bespoke philosophy of personalization through customization, flexible functionality, and connected living.

Samsung’s new Bespoke kitchen and lifestyle appliancesaddress evolving needsthat consumers faceevery day. With its latest innovations, Samsung envisions a home—a Bespoke Home—that fits right into diverse consumer lifestyles.

Designed for me

Today’s consumers have more diverse and discerning tastes. These “prosumers” want to customize and curate their home environment to better reflect their personal tastes. To meet that need, Samsung has designed its expanded Bespokelineup to allow users to harmonize appliances with their home décor and lifestyle demands through customizable and modular aspects.

Flexible for me

During the pandemic,homes have become increasingly multi-functional, doubling as gyms, offices and classrooms. With the extended Bespoke lineup,Samsung provides appliancesthat have flexible features and modular designs to fit consumers’ lifestyles.

From being able to add units to accommodate household changes, to adjusting fridge shelving and cooling temperatures, consumers canmaximize and personalize homespaces for enhanced functionality.

Smart for me

As people rely on connectivity more than ever before, they expect their appliances toalso utilize connectivityfor a smarter and more efficient home lifestyle. To meet this need, Samsung uses AI and SmartThingsto provide effortless home management solutions that save time while boostingefficiency.

The Bespoke Home is well-supported by Samsung’s SmartThings platform, including a culinary service that offers recipe recommendations, online grocery shopping, meal planning, and so on; a pet care platform that offers remote home monitoring; a smart wardrobe management system that offers clothingcare instructions; an intuitive air quality monitoring system, and other IoT services​.

Sustainablefor all

With consumers spending more time at home, they want to live more sustainably by reducing waste and energy consumption. Samsung is committed to offering moredurable, energy-efficient products to help consumers reduce their carbon footprint

Samsung designed Bespoke refrigeratorswith interchangeable panels and modular designs that allow users to update their fridgesover time, extending product lifespans.Moreover, Samsung washing machines maximize detergent efficiency and water flow while saving energy through Ecobubble™, QuickDrive™, and AI technology, which not only reduce cycle times but also allow powerful cleaning at lower temperatures. Since 2012, Samsung has steadily increased its use of recycled plastics in its home appliance products, and will introduce upcycled ecopackages,starting in Korea this year.