US In Talks With Private Sector On Cuba Internet Access, Bypassing Censors - Official

US in Talks With Private Sector on Cuba Internet Access, Bypassing Censors - Official

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 31st July, 2021) The United States is currently in discussions with private sector firms on providing internet to the Cuban people and bypassing censors, a senior administration official told reporters on Friday.

"We are in talks with private sector providers about the possibility of providing wireless LTE communications to the Cuban people which we consider to be a right for including all options but also looking at other ways to make sure that the Cuban people have the right to information, the right to communicate with each other and the international community can really see the abuses that are taking place," the official said.

"We are also going to be [talking] about humanitarian support for the Cuban people."

The United States will explore all possible options to circumvent the Havana's control over the flow of information into Cuba, the official said.

"We see the censorship of information as a violation of human rights and so we're going to explore every option possible to be able to be able to guarantee access to that information," the official said during a press briefing.