Rickshaw Driver Provides Free Rides On Eid, Picture Goes Viral


Rickshaw driver provides free rides on Eid, picture goes viral

 Ride hailing apps criticized for applying peak factor

Islamabad (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 20th June, 2018) The picture of a rickshaw driver got viral on social media on Eid.

This rickshaw driver was spreading joy among people on the occasion of Eid as he provided free rides to parks and hotels.

When asked about providing free rides, the driver said Eid means happiness so I thought of spreading happiness on Eid.

The picture of this kind-hearted rickshaw driver got viral on social media as people lauded his act on Eid.

The social media users on one hand appreciated him while criticized ride hailing apps on the other.

They said that while this rickshaw driver did not charge on Eid, online taxi services applied peak factors and bagged a huge amount of money from the passengers. They said that they should learn a lesson from this rickshaw driver as citizens had to face difficulty due to the peak factor charged by these ride hailing companies on Eid.

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