About 400 Setos To Join Traditional Ethnic Festival In Russia's Pskov Region - Authorities

About 400 Setos to Join Traditional Ethnic Festival in Russia's Pskov Region - Authorities

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 14th August, 2019) Around 400 Setos - a small Finnic nation - will take part in the traditional ethic festival Setomaa: Family Meetings, which will be held in Russia's Pskov Region on August 28, the regional government said on Tuesday in a statement.

"This year, some 400 Setos, who live in the Pskov Region and Estonia, will take part in the festival, [focusing on] the family issues, arts and craft, preserved and revived traditions of the small nation," the statement said.

The festival will be held in the only estate museum of Setos, located in the village of Sigovo of the Pechory District.

The Setos are one of the small Finnic minorities of the northern European Russian regions, along with Karelians, Tver Karelians, Vepsians, Votes, Izhorians and Komi.

Some 250 Setos live in the Pskov Region, while over 10,000 more in neighboring Estonia. The Setos are close to the Estonians, but speak a language that has some differences with the Estonian, and practice Orthodox Christianity unlike Estonians, who are mostly Protestants.

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