Aljazair Blocked All Social Sites Along With 3G Services After The Paper Leaked


Aljazair blocked all social sites along with 3G services after the paper leaked

(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th june, 2016) : Aljazair blocked all social sites including facebook, twitter along with 3g service after the question paper leaked before exam. A large number of students are forced to attempt the paper for the second time.

Aljazair has blocked facebook, twitter and 3G services temporarily soon after the examination paper leaked out. About 5 lack 55 thousand students belonging to Aljazair, the city of South Africa are forced to attempt the paper for the second time due to the paper that leaked before the exam.

The social media and 3g services will be unblocked soon after the termination of the exams period.

It should be noted the temporary blockage of any services can cause more adverse effects. Social media is not the Primary source of causing a paper leak.

The real cause resides in the faulty education system. Ban on social media lead people to explore illegal methods, like proxies, to access the blocked sites and they continue to use those illegal accesses even after the ban is resolved which give them access to all the other blocked suspicious material as well.

Many people related to the educational field and printing press are arrested by the authorities for the investigations.