Americans' Emphasis On Environment Over Economy Shrinks During Pandemic - Poll


Americans' Emphasis on Environment Over Economy Shrinks During Pandemic - Poll

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 09th April, 2021) Americans continue to believe environmental protection is more important than economic growth by an 8 point margin, although the gap narrowed significantly during the coronavirus pandemic, a Gallup poll said.

"While slightly more US adults today prioritize the environment over economic growth, the 50 percent doing so is down from 60 percent n early 2020 (largely before the pandemic was declared) and 65 percent in 2019, and is the lowest recorded since 2015, when 46 percent held this view," a press release explaining the poll said on Thursday.

In the latest poll, 50 percent said the environment should be the greater priority compared with 42 percent who said economic growth should take precedence, the release said.

Gallup began asking the question between 1985 and 2000, and since 2001 has measured it each March as part of its annual environment poll.

The elevated unemployment rate during the pandemic - 6 percent in March - appears to be the biggest factor determining the size of the gap, the release said.

After declining for nearly a decade along with shrinking unemployment, the percentage of Americans citing the economy increased this year, reflecting the higher rate of unemployment today compared with just before the pandemic in 2020, according to the release.