Anti-Moscow Sanctions Have No Impact On Cooperation Of BRICS Countries - Russian Diplomat

Anti-Moscow Sanctions Have No Impact on Cooperation of BRICS Countries - Russian Diplomat

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 16th May, 2019) Western sanctions against Russia have no effect on the cooperation between the BRICS nations, Head of BRICS Office at Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mikhail Kalugin told Sputnik.

"The sanctions do not affect the cooperation of the BRICS countries. Because this is a five-sided cooperation - we do not impose sanctions against each other. The issue of sanctions has to do with those who imposed sanctions against Russia. But there are no sanctions against BRICS," Kalugin said on Wednesday.

Kalugin pointed out that BRICS leaders firmly advocate that economic sanctions should only be imposed with the consent of the UN Security Council.

This is our foundation and this is what BRICS values, he added.

Kalugin also said they do not see any pressure on the member countries over their cooperation with Russia.

"I think that BRICS as a whole and each BRICS country individually is able to withstand any sanctions pressure. It seems to me that the case of Russia shows that no matter what sanctions are imposed against us, bypassing the UN Security Council, they do not achieve their goal," he said.

In 2014, relations between Russia and the West deteriorated over the former's alleged involvement in the Ukrainian conflict and Crimea's reunification with Russia following a referendum. The United States and the European Union have since imposed several rounds of sanctions on Russia's energy, banking, defense and other sectors, as well as on a number of Russian officials. Moscow has repeatedly denied the allegations and reacted with countermeasures against the Western nations that targeted it with sanctions.

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