Australian Gov't To Introduce Laws Holding Social Media Accountable For Anonymous Trolling


Australian Gov't to Introduce Laws Holding Social Media Accountable for Anonymous Trolling

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 28th November, 2021) The Australian government is planning to introduce new laws that will hold social media platforms accountable for the damaging comments users anonymously publish in a bid to battle cyberbullying, a statement on Prime Minister Scott Morrison's website said on Sunday.

"The Morrison Government will introduce new court powers to force global social media giants to unmask anonymous online trolls and better protect Australians online ... The reforms will ensure social media companies are considered publishers and can be held liable for defamatory comments posted on their platforms," the statement said.

In case a social media platform is able to provide the victim of the comments with the identity of the person who left them so that the victim can commence a defamation proceeding, the company will be pardoned from the liability.

"Social media can too often be a cowards' palace, where the anonymous can bully, harass and ruin lives without consequence. We would not accept these faceless attacks in a school, at home, in the office, or on the street. And we must not stand for it online, on our devices and in our homes," Morrison said.

According to the prime minister, the laws will be some of the strongest ones in the world and will help tackle cyberbullying in Australia.

The laws will require social media platforms to create a quick and simple complaints system that will allow victims of defamatory statements to report trolls. Additionally, a new Federal Court order will be set up that will allow social media platforms to reveal the identity of the trolls without their consent.

A draft bill will be published in the coming week.