BBC's TV License Fee Frozen Until 2024 To Cut Viewers' Costs


BBC's TV License Fee Frozen Until 2024 to Cut Viewers' Costs

LONDON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 18th January, 2022) The British broadcaster BBC's tv license fee has been frozen for two years to support families as they struggle to pay living costs, the UK's digital and culture ministry said Monday.

"At a time when families are facing a sharp increase in their living costs we simply could not justify asking hard-working households to pay even more for their TV license," Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said.

The free will remain at an annual 159 Pounds ($217) until 2024 before rising. The BBC is estimated to receive 3.7 billion pounds in license fee funding in 2022 and 23 billion until May 2028.

It also receives over 90 million per year in government support for international outreach programming.

BBC Chairman Richard Sharp and Director-General Tim Davie called the decision "disappointing" and warned that tough choices would be made to allow the broadcaster to absorb rising inflation.

"We will do everything to ensure the BBC continues to punch above its weight for Britain and for audiences around the world," they said in a joint statement.

The BBC bosses said that they looked forward to a national debate on the broadcaster's next charter, which will outline its funding and purpose until at least 2028.