Belarus Opposition Submits Resolution Against Integration With Russia To Embassy In Minsk

Belarus Opposition Submits Resolution Against Integration With Russia to Embassy in Minsk

MINSK (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 08th December, 2019) Belorussian opposition on Sunday held a short unauthorized demonstration near the Russian embassy in Minsk and handed over a resolution against further integration of Belarus and Russia to the diplomatic mission, a Sputnik correspondent reported from the scene.

The police cordoned off the building of the Russian embassy. The protesters did not try to break through. The participants with historical white-red-white flags, which is a symbol of the Belarusian National Republic, in hands were voicing slogans such as "Long Live Belarus," and "Independence."

One of the event's organizers, co-leader of the Belorussian Christian Democracy party Paval Sieviaryniec, handed over the resolution of the rally to the Russian embassy via a police officer. According to organizers of the protest, the document categorically rejects the idea of deepening integration of Belarus and Russia as well as those integration agreements that could be signed by the leadership of the two countries in the future. The resolution also calls on the international community to recognize such agreements as illegitimate.

On December 8, Moscow and Minsk celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Treaty on the Creation of a Union State of Russia and Belarus. Belorussian President Alexander Lukashenko offered to adopt plans for a stronger integration. At the same time, he stressed that he would not sign anything unless several key issues, such as economic ones, were not resolved, including the issue of energy supplies and lifting trade barriers.

On Thursday, during his address to the country's parliament, Lukashenko slammed the opposition's claims that the authorities give up on Belarus' independence by agreeing to further integrate with Russia. The president stressed that Minsk and Moscow were not discussing establishment of a unified parliament, or any similar political issues.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Lukashenko held a meeting on Saturday. According to Russian Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin, the two leaders narrowed some differences over the integration between the two states.

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