Belarus' Security Forces Learn Lessons From 2020 Protests, To Prevent Such Thing -Official

Belarus' Security Forces Learn Lessons From 2020 Protests, to Prevent Such Thing -Official

MINSK (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 29th November, 2021) Belarusian Security Council Secretary Aleksandr Volfovich said on Sunday that the state security forces learned lessons from opposition protests following the presidential election in 2020, and will prevent similar developments during the constitutional referendum.

"The referendum will take place, I do not doubt, and this constitution will have an impact on the sustainable development, the future of our country. I am sure that the leadership (of security forces) understand what to do, how to interact to prevent what was going on a year ago. I am sure that today, the security forces, the military organization of the state which incorporates all the ministries and agencies, are ready to thwart any negative consequences in our country," Volfovich told the Belarusian STV broadcaster.

Volfovich stressed that the country "learned a lot from (the developments) of 2020."