Biden Reverses Trump Policy, Toughens Rule On Coal-Fired Power Plant Wastewater - EPA

Biden Reverses Trump Policy, Toughens Rule on Coal-Fired Power Plant Wastewater - EPA

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 27th July, 2021) President Joe Biden has tightened the rules for the discharge of toxic waters from coal-fired power plants, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said on Monday in a move to undo his predecessor Donald Trump's less-stringent policies governing waste fluids.

"EPA is committed to science-based policy decisions to protect our natural resources and public health," Administrator Michael Regan said. "In conducting a review of the 2020 rule as directed by President Biden, EPA determined that moving forward with implementing the existing regulations would ensure that water resources are protected now, while we quickly move to strengthen water quality protections and further reduce power plant pollution that can contain toxic metals such as mercury, arsenic and selenium.


Officials said the power plant-related wastewater rule is one of the Trump policies the Biden team was reversing to tackle climate change and fight pollution prevalent in the poorest US communities.

The Trump EPA policy had forced many coal plants to treat wastewater with modern filtration methods and other technology before it reached waterways that provide drinking water for thousands of Americans.

Since taking office in January, Biden has put climate change at the front and center of his administration, setting an ambitious goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent from 2005 levels by the end of this decade. Biden has also pushed for electric vehicle charging stations, offshore wind development and other clean energy production.