Biden Vows To Ensure Ukraine's Ability To 'Maintain Physical Security'

Biden Vows to Ensure Ukraine's Ability to 'Maintain Physical Security'

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 15th June, 2021) US President Joe Biden vowed on Monday to ensure Ukraine's ability to keep its "physical security" irrespective of the country's prospects to join NATO.

"We are going to put Ukraine in a position to be able to maintain their physical security," Biden said at a press conference following the NATO summit in Brussels.

He was asked by a reporter if an alleged Russian presence in "parts of Ukraine" effectively rules out the country ever entering NATO. "The answer is no," Biden replied. He added that the prospects depend on Ukraine's ability to meet NATO membership criteria.

Ukraine seeks to reclaim Crimea which rejoined Russia following the referendum in 2014 and accuses Russia of deploying its troops in Donbas. Russia denies any military involvement in the conflict in Ukraine's eastern regions.

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