'Biggest Demo In Decades' Pressures Venezuela President


'Biggest demo in decades' pressures Venezuela president

CARACAS, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -2nd Sep,2016) : Opponents of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claimed to have mobilized a million demonstrators Thursday in the biggest rally in decades, vowing weekly mass protests to demand a referendum on ousting him from power. Police deployed in their hundreds to keep anti-government protesters angry at food and medicine shortages apart from Maduro's supporters, who vowed to defend his "socialist revolution." The rallies raised fears of violence in the oil-rich South American state, where anti-government protests in 2014 led to clashes with police that left 43 people dead.

The leader of the opposition Democratic Unity Roundtable, Jesus Torrealba, told AFP it was the "biggest rally in recent decades" with "between 950,000 and 1.1 million people" taking part. Demonstrators dressed in white marched in the east of the capital, yelling "Venezuela is hungry" and "This government is going to fall." "We either come out to march or we will die of hunger.

We are no longer afraid of the government," said one demonstrator, Ana Gonzalez, 53.