Brazil's Rousseff To Face Accusers In Impeachment Showdown


Brazil's Rousseff to face accusers in impeachment showdown

BRASMLIA, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -29th Augst,2016) : Brazil's suspended president Dilma Rousseff will confront her accusers Monday in a dramatic finale to a Senate impeachment trial likely to end 13 years of leftist rule in Latin America's biggest country. Rousseff's testimony will come just hours before a final vote to decide her fate, with everything pointing to her being convicted. Rousseff, 68, is accused of having taken illegal state loans to patch budget holes.

Momentum to push her out is also fueled by deep anger at Brazil's historic recession, political paralysis and a vast corruption scandal centered on state oil giant Petrobras.

The first female president of Brazil, who says she did nothing worthy of impeachment, will speak for about half an hour, then face questioning. But it was unclear whether Rousseff will repeat her explosive claim on the Senate floor that the trial is a coup d'etat aimed at destroying her Workers' Party and restoring the right to power. "She will go in high spirits.

She is calm," an aide told