Britain's New Man In Brussels An Experienced Negotiator


Britain's new man in Brussels an experienced negotiator

LONDON, Jan 5, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 05th Jan, 2017 ) - Britain's new EU ambassador is a veteran diplomat chosen to bring toughness and experience but also to calm civil servants restive over London's cryptic Brexit strategy, former colleagues and experts said Thursday.

Tim Barrow, the man charged with ironing out the path to Brexit, has handled Britain's rocky relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the past six years as the ambassador to Moscow.

He is also an old hand in the corridors of Brussels, having done two stints in the mission he now heads, and spent years in key Europe roles in the Foreign Office.

British civil servants are reportedly frustrated by a lack of clarity from Prime Minister Theresa May's government, as she prepares to trigger two years of EU exit negotiations within the next three months.

Barrow, as London's permanent representative to the European Union, will play a key role in thrashing out Britain's future relations with the bloc.