Cairo Mulls Roscosmos Proposal To Train 1st Egyptian Cosmonaut In Russia - Space Agency


Cairo Mulls Roscosmos Proposal to Train 1st Egyptian Cosmonaut in Russia - Space Agency

CAIRO (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 07th April, 2021) The Egyptian authorities are considering the proposal by Russian state space agency Roscosmos to train the first Egyptian cosmonaut in Russia, Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) CEO Mohamed ElKoosy told Sputnik on Tuesday.

According to ElKoosy, Egyptian and Russian space agencies are currently preparing a cooperation agreement for the training of Egyptian engineers. The EgSA's head also highly appreciated the cooperation between Moscow and Cairo in launching Egyptian communication satellites into orbit.

"There is also a good proposal from Roscosmos to train an Egyptian cosmonaut. We have carried out the necessary research on this issue, it will be sent to the authorities for approval. Then we can announce it," ElKoosy said.

The Egyptian government approved in 2016 a bill aiming at setting up a national space agency instructed to develop a program to create the country's entire space industry over the short and medium term.

Under the government's plans, the country will not only develop and produce satellites and space-based systems but also launch them into outer space from its own territory.

Last October, ElKoosy told Sputnik that the development of Egypt's space program had been stalled for four months due to the coronavirus pandemic, with plans to train the first Egyptian cosmonaut and receive submissions from possible candidates also set back. However, the CEO noted that the agency would quickly handle this delay so that it would not affect the comprehensive development of the country's space projects.