Canadian Businesses Exhibit Oil Servicing Tech To Russian Majors - Trade Association Head

Canadian Businesses Exhibit Oil Servicing Tech to Russian Majors - Trade Association Head

ST. PETERSBURG (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 04th June, 2021) Canadian businesses are currently focused on assisting major Russian energy companies and foreign partners in drilling for oil and gas, and firms from the North American country have already held discussions with leading Russian energy giants, Nathan Hunt, the chairman of the Moscow office of the Canada Eurasia Russia business Association (CERBA), told Sputnik.

"When we go to oil and gas shows we bring a compliment of 25 companies like that, that meet with Lukoil, meet with Rosneft, meet with Gazprom Neft, and show off their technologies. So, on oil and gas there's great potential there. We will not actually be pumping the oil, we will be helping Russian majors and maybe foreign companies pump the oil," Hunt said on the sidelines of the St.

Petersburg Economic Forum (SPIEF).

Instead of developing major oil and gas exploitation projects, Canada will promote the activity of companies and display their technologies when attending exhibitions and other related trade events, he added.

"We have companies that can run the minefields, service the shafts, provide the chemicals necessary to clean the equipment, safety technologies, drill bit technologies, I could go on and on," Hunt added.

This year's edition of SPIEF is taking place in-person from Wednesday through Saturday. Rossiya Segodnya is an official media partner of Russia's flagship economic forum.