Clinton 'more Than Ready' For Final Campaign Push

Clinton 'more than ready' for final campaign push

CLEVELAND, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -6th Sept,2016) : Hillary Clinton launched the home stretch of her US presidential bid Monday aiming to solidify her advantages over rival Donald Trump, with both candidates converging on working-class Ohio as ground zero of their 2016 campaign battle.

The Democratic nominee maintains an edge over Republican flagbearer Trump in national polls, has dramatically deeper ground operations in swing states, and trounced Trump in August fundraising.

But Trump's unconventional White House bid, including his campaign's apparent imperviousness to criticism about his harsh rhetoric, assures a tight contest for the next 64 days until the election.

"I'm not taking anybody, anywhere for granted," Clinton told a crowd of more than 1,000 at a Labor Day parade and picnic in Cleveland.

Clinton, after a few days of campaign trail rest, coughed her way through portions of her speech as she suffered one of her worst coughing bouts of the race.

She paused to sip water before managing to quip, in a crackling voice, that "every time I think about Trump I get allergic." The imagery is sure to fuel critics' theories that Clinton, 68, has serious health problems.

Trump has alluded to Clinton's health, saying she lacks the "physical stamina" for the job. Clinton debuted her new campaign plane -- with the slogan "Stronger Together" emblazoned on the side -- that will carry her through to the November 8 election, and it hosted guests with whom she has been reluctant to travel until now: reporters.