Coronavirus In EU: France Witnesses First Death Of Chinese Man


Coronavirus in EU: France witnesses first death of chinese man

An elderly Chinese man took his last breath at Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital in northern Paris where he was admitted to get treatment of Coronavirus.

Paris: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Feb 15th, 2020) A first chinese tourist has died of Coronavirus in a France, the reports say.

An 80-year old Chinese tourist took his last breath today in Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital in Paris.

According to the media reports, there are total eleven cases but the death of Chinese tourist was the first death in entire Europe. Anges Buzyn, the French health minister, also confirmed the first death due to Coronavirus. The Chinese man remained admitted to French hospital for last three weeks. So far, total 11 cases of Coronavirus have been reported in different European countries but this was the first death due to the virus in France.

The death of Chinese citizen in France is the fourth death outside the mainland China.

The various media news confirmed that there are total 1,525 people who died of Coronavirus in mainland China but one each in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Japan. The reports say that total 67,079 cases have been confirmed since the virus started in mid-December in Wuhan, with 63,866 in mainland China. Johns Hopkins University and the World Health Organisation collected the data from 5,090 suspected ne recorded in mainland Chin.

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