Crimea's Flood-Hit Yalta Receives Letters Of Support From Mayors Of Nice, Baden-Baden


Crimea's Flood-Hit Yalta Receives Letters of Support From Mayors of Nice, Baden-Baden

SIMFEROPOL (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 07th July, 2021) The Crimean city of Yalta has received letters of support from the mayors of France's Nice, Germany's Baden-Baden and Israel's Eilat with offers to provide aid in the wake of a devastating cyclone, mayor Yanina Pavlenko said on Tuesday.

Nice, Baden-Baden and Eilat are Yalta's sister cities.

"Our city's administration has received letters from Nice mayor Christian Estrosi, Baden-Baden mayor Margret Mergen and the mayor of Eilat as well. All these letters contain words of support, sympathy and willingness to provide any help to the residents of Greater Yalta as well as Crimea," Pavlenko said.

In mid-June, a strong cyclone struck Crimea, leading to huge flooding in Yalta and Kerch. The preliminary cost of damage amounts to 12.5 billion rubles ($168 million). On July 4, the second cyclone resulted in the flooding of 100 households in southwestern Crimea, most of them in the Bakhchysarai region.