Delta Variant Makes Up Over 40% Of New COVID-19 Cases In Amsterdam - Health Service

Delta Variant Makes Up Over 40% of New COVID-19 Cases in Amsterdam - Health Service

AMSTERDAM (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 24th June, 2021) The Delta COVID-19 variant, which was first detected in India, is to blame for more than 40% of new cases in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, the Dutch Broadcasting Foundation (NOS) reported on Wednesday, citing Public Health Service (GGD).

To compare, only 7% of COVID-19 cases in Amsterdam were caused by the Delta strain two weeks ago.

"They [citizens] come back from vacation and take the virus with them," the GGD official told NOS, adding that the new strain was mostly found in young people.

Last week, Amsterdam registered an average of 55 daily cases. The Netherlands has so far logged nearly 1.7 million infections and 17,730 deaths.