Diafat Al Madinah Association Delivers Over 1.7 Million Services During Hajj


Diafat Al Madinah Association delivers over 1.7 million services during Hajj

ISLAMABAD, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 18th Jun, 2024) The Saudi Diafat Al Madinah Association delivered over 1.7 million field services to pilgrims and visitors at numerous popular sites during the current year's Hajj season.

The association, preparing to offer services to visitors in Madinah during the post-Hajj season, reported that their efforts included 720 volunteer hours from the beginning of Hajj until Dhul-Hijjah 7, Saudi Press Agency reported.

The volunteer work involved providing 176,610 meals to pilgrims and 1.80 million bottles of water as part of the Soqia (distributing water) Programme for pilgrims and visitors at dispatch centers. About 93,432 pilgrims also benefited from the services of the “Tirhab” (welcome) programme provided by the association as part of the pilgrims’ reception programmes.

The association reported that the volunteer services encompassed distributing more than 10,000 umbrellas to pilgrims and visitors at service sites, while 260 pilgrims benefited from the services of the “Kiswa” (clothing) programme.

The total number of pilgrims who benefitted from “Al- Mosanda” programmes to support older people and people with disabilities reached 29,500 pilgrims, in addition to 674 pilgrims who received services within the “Diwaniyah Diafa” (hospitality) programme.

The Diafat Al Madinah Association presents its services in coordination and partnership with the relevant authorities, which include receiving pilgrims at arrival ports and pick-up centers and providing them with many forms of care, such as distribution of meals, guidance work, hospitality programmes, welcoming pilgrims and visitors upon arrival, bidding them farewell upon departure, and ensuring the welfare of pilgrims.

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