Dutch Arrest 'radical' Filming Outside Stadium Concert

Dutch arrest 'radical' filming outside stadium concert

THE HAGUE, , (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News, app - 10th Jun, 2017 ) - A Dutch man was arrested filming outside one of the country's largest stadiums during a concert, police said Saturday, adding he was known to authorities as being possibly radicalised.

The 29-year-old was arrested late Friday outside the Philips Stadium in southern Eindhoven where popular Dutch pop singer Guus Meeuwis was performing.

It comes just a few weeks after a suicide bomber killed 22 people on May 22 at the end of a concert in Manchester by US singer Ariana Grande.

"Officers saw the man late Friday, behaving suspiciously at one of the stadium's entrances," Dutch police said in a statement. "He was filming and had no reasonable explanation for what he was doing, and also had no ticket to the concert," Eindhoven police added. The man, from Amsterdam, was also "known to police due to possible radicalisation... so it was decided to detain him."

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