EU Reluctant To Change Brexit Deal Believing UK Parliament To Block Agreement - Johnson


EU Reluctant to Change Brexit Deal Believing UK Parliament to Block Agreement - Johnson

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 14th August, 2019) The European Union is unwilling to compromise on the Brexit agreement as they think the deal can be blocked in the UK parliament, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Wednesday.

"They [the European Union] are sticking with every letter, every comma of the withdrawal agreement including the backstop because they still think that Brexit can be blocked in parliament. And so the awful thing is, the longer that goes on, the more likely it is, of course, that we will be forced to leave with a no-deal Brexit," Johnson said, answering the questions of UK citizens in a Facebook stream.

The prime minister described this situation as "a terrible kind of collaboration, as it were, going on between people who think they can block Brexit in parliament and our European friends."

Johnson said immediately after assuming office in July that he wanted to secure a better withdrawal agreement with the European Union, but the United Kingdom would have to leave on the agreed deadline of October 31 even if that did not happen.

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