Ex-US Envoy To UN Haley Experienced Official With Future In Politics - Russia's Nebenzia

Ex-US Envoy to UN Haley Experienced Official With Future in Politics - Russia's Nebenzia

NEW YORK (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 10th February, 2019) Nikki Haley who served as US Ambassador to the United Nations is a young and experienced politician with a future in the industry, Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia told reporters on the occasion of the Russian Diplomat Day, celebrated on February 10.

"She is a young politician, she is only 46 years old, but already with experience, she is charismatic and humane ... She has a future in politics, it is hard to tell how it will be evolving, but I do not rule anything out," Nebenzia said.

Nebenzia noted that as of today, he did not have any interaction with Haley, although the ambassadors had agreed that after Haley resigns from her post at the United Nations, they would continue to maintain contact.

"I do not know what she is doing at this time, she said that she plans to work in a think tank and travel across the United States to give lectures," the ambassador added.

Haley, who is also former governor of the US state of South Carolina, left her post in the Trump administration at the end of 2018.

US President Donald Trump subsequently announced that he planned to nominate Heather Nauert, who is currently serving as the US State Department's spokeswoman, to replace Haley on the position.

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