Families Of Sunken Submarine Victims Call For Arrest Of Ex-Argentine President - Court


Families of Sunken Submarine Victims Call for Arrest of Ex-Argentine President - Court

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 21st October, 2021) Relatives of the sailors of sunken submarine San Juan are asking for the arrest of former Argentine President Mauricio Macri, who refused to appear in court in relation to allegations of spying on the families of the boat's crew members, court sources told Sputnik on Wednesday.

The complaint was filed by lawyer Valeria Carreas, who represents the interests of the families.

"The complaint contains a request to arrest Macri," sources said.

The appeal was filed after Macri refused to appear in court on October 20, saying that his rights had been violated.

The case against the former president was opened in September of last year. It stems from alleged surveillance which the intelligence department carried out on the families of the dead sailors during his term.

Macri returned from abroad on Tuesday. He was summoned by the court for questioning, which was to take place on October 7. Due to his failure to appear, the hearing was postponed until October 20. A ban on leaving the country adopted on October 1 is in effect against him, which he appealed from abroad.

The submarine San Juan stopped communicating on November 15, 2017 en route from Ushuaia naval base to Mar del Plata. At the time of the last communication, the submarine reported an accident. There were 44 people on board, including the first female submariner in Argentina, Eliana Maria Kravchik. Naval officials reported a single explosion that may be tied to the disappearance of the San Juan. The submarine was discovered only a year later, exactly where the Argentine Naval specialists originally suggested its location might be.