Fathers' Rights Activists Protest On UK Labour Leader's Roof


Fathers' rights activists protest on UK Labour leader's roof

LONDON, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 4th August, 2016) - Two men campaigning for fathers' rights to see their children staged a protest Friday on the roof of British opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's London house. Activist Bobby Smith, a father of two girls, posted a video on Twitter of himself and a fellow protester sitting on the roof, and showing police deployed in the road below. "Both of us would rather be home with our children right now, on the summer holidays, but we're not -- we have no choice but to do this," Smith told LBC radio, adding that they had food and water to stay all day.

He said he wanted Corbyn, who was due at a rally in Wales on Friday, to "hold the government to account" to improve the rights of fathers in the family courts. A police spokesman confirmed the protest, saying: "Officers are in attendance and the road is currently closed to traffic." Photos on Smith's website show previous protests on the roof of a building in the grounds of Buckingham Palace and at the home of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who was mayor of London at the time.