Four People Injured In Shooting Outside US Stadium - Reports


Four People Injured in Shooting Outside US Stadium - Reports

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 16th October, 2021) Four people, including two minors, were injured during a shooting near a stadium where a high school football game was taking place in the city of mobile in Alabama in the United States, CNN reported citing police officials.

The four victims were hospitalized, one is in serious condition, the Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine said during a media briefing.

He also added that the police are trying to figure out the identities of the victims.

"The shots were fired on the west ramp .

.. It was not shot in the arena or in the football area where the stands were at, but it was here on the exit ramp coming out of the stadium," Prine explained as quoted by CNN.

The football game that was on at the time of the shooting was stopped. Prine added that the police think several people were involved but only one person was carrying out the shooting.

Prine noted that the police have information that following the incident, at least two people fled the scene in a white sedan. Their identity and location is being established.