French Send Videos Of Yellow Vest Rallies To RT Amid Falling Trust In Own Media - Simonyan


French Send Videos of Yellow Vest Rallies to RT Amid Falling Trust in Own Media - Simonyan

KHABAROVSK (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 09th December, 2018) Some French people send videos of "yellow vest" protests raging in the country to the RT broadcaster since they have lost trust in their own media, RT and Sputnik's editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan said on Saturday.

"You know how actively people are watching videos of 'yellow vest' protests on our resources? You cannot even imagine. Moreover, we already have sources in the Paris police who share videos with us, since some people have become so mistrustful of their own media that they send videos to us," Simonyan told Russia's TVTs channel.

According to Simonyan, one source sent a video featuring the police dispersing demonstrators at the height of the protests, and wrote: "Here it is, show this video to [Russian President] Vladimir Putin, I think, such chaos would not have been possible in his country.


She added that the RT resources had 20 times more views of the reports about the "yellow vest" protests than France's Figaro.

The "yellow vest" protests, named after the obligatory attribute of French drivers, a light-reflective vest, have been raging in France since November 17, withdemonstrators protesting fuel prices hikes. Though the government announced earlier in the week that it was abandoning a proposed fuel tax hike, the protests have continued.

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