German Chancellor Says Berlin To Keep Providing Economic Support To Ukraine

German Chancellor Says Berlin to Keep Providing Economic Support to Ukraine

BERLIN (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 26th January, 2022) Ukraine can rely on Germany, Berlin will continue to provide economic assistance to Kiev, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said.

The issue of German arms supplies to Ukraine is regularly raised by the Ukrainian authorities, but in recent days the dispute between the two countries has escalated. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summoned German Ambassador Anka Feldhusen and expressed deep disappointment over the position of the German government regarding failure to provide defense weapons to Kiev. Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk said the position could affect bilateral relations.

"The Federal government in recent years has constantly decided not to supply lethal weapons (to Ukraine). There are reasons for this that are due to all the events of recent years and decades. Despite this, we have done a lot to support economic and democratic development in Ukraine, including by financial opportunities, which we have as part of our international obligations. And we will continue to do so," Scholz said at a press conference after meeting French President Emmanuel Macron.