German Prosecutor's Office Brings Charges 3 Iraqis Over Terrorist Offenses


German Prosecutor's Office Brings Charges 3 Iraqis Over Terrorist Offenses

BERLIN (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 14th August, 2019) The German Prosecutor's Office said in a statement on Wednesday that it had brought charges against three Iraqi citizens who were suspected of planning terrorist attacks in the country.

"Two defendants are suspected of preparing a serious crime against the state and violating the German Explosives Act. The third is suspected of assisting those two in committing the serious crime against the state," the statement said.

According to the prosecution, two of the suspects started preparing for a terrorist attack in Germany in December 2018. They contacted two of their associates abroad, who promised to provide them with explosives. One of these associates, who was in the United Kingdom at that time, tried to transfer instructions on how to make explosives to the suspects, but was detained by UK law enforcement.

In late December, the two Iraqis tested their attack plan with pyrotechnics. They enlisted the help of the third suspect in obtaining weapons since they intended to kill as many non-Muslims as possible during the attack. The third suspect asked an illegal arms dealer, who was under police supervision, for guns, but a price for delivery was never negotiated.

The following month, the suspects continued to plot another terrorist attack with the use of a car bomb but were arrested in late January. They are currently in pre-trial detention.

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