Germany, US Found 'Constructive' Solution To Nord Stream 2 - Foreign Minister

Germany, US Found 'Constructive' Solution to Nord Stream 2 - Foreign Minister

BERLIN (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 22nd July, 2021) Germany and the United States have found a constructive solution to the Nord Stream 2 issue, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said.

Earlier in the day, Germany and the United States published a joint statement, which refers to measures to support Ukraine, European energy security and common goals for climate protection. It formulates a number of conditions for the operation of Nord Stream 2.

"I am glad that we have found a constructive solution to the Nord Stream 2 problem with the United States. We will support Ukraine in creating a green energy sector and will work to ensure gas transit through Ukraine in the next decade," the minister said on Twitter.

In a statement published by the German Foreign Ministry, Maas noted that Washington and Berlin are once again on the same page concerning to energy policy and Russia policy and reaffirmed the countries' commitment to safeguarding Ukrainian energy interests.

"It is good that we were able to agree on constructive solutions on the issue of Nord Stream 2. As transatlantic partners, we remain steadfast at Ukraine's side. Specifically, that means that we will work to secure gas transit via Ukraine for the coming decade," Maas stated.

The Nord Stream 2 project aims to lay a 745-mile-long offshore twin pipeline that will carry up to 1.9 trillion cubic feet of gas per year from Russia to Germany through the territorial waters or exclusive economic zones of Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia and Sweden.

The United States has been a consistent opponent to the project, citing Europe's excessive dependence on Russian gas, while Germany has been calling for not politicizing the pipeline. The project has found another consistent opponent in Ukraine, which is concerned that it would be used to divert gas transit through its territory, taking away a sizable source of revenue.