Gunmen Kill Six In Acapulco Market

Gunmen kill six in Acapulco market

ACAPULCO, Mexico, Jan 5, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 05th Jan, 2017 ) - Gunmen opened fire on an outdoor market in broad daylight in Acapulco on Wednesday, killing six people in the latest violence to hit Mexico's crime-ridden Pacific resort.

At least three armed men arrived at the market and, "without saying a word," began to shoot at several people, Guerrero state security spokesman Roberto Alvarez said in a statement. Victims lay on the parking lot of a shopping center where the stalls had been installed as relatives of victims cried over the bloodied bodies.

Two men and two women died on the spot while another man and another woman succumbed to their wounds at a hospital. Two dozen handgun bullets were found by investigators. The murders took place in one of Acapulco's most dangerous neighborhoods.