Head Of Navalny's HQ In Volgograd Gets 10-Day Detention For Organizing Unauthorized Riots


Head of Navalny's HQ in Volgograd Gets 10-Day Detention for Organizing Unauthorized Riots

VOLGOGRAD (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 30th January, 2021) The coordinator of opposition figure Alexey Navalny's office in the Russian city of Volgograd, Eugene Kochegin, has been sentenced to ten days of detention for organizing an unauthorized protest, a spokesperson for the Volgograd district courts told Sputnik on Saturday.

Last week, Kochegin was reported to have been sentenced to seven-day detention for calling for and organizing an unauthorized protest on January 23 in support of Navalny, arrested earlier in the month for probation violations upon returning to the country from Germany. According to courts spokesperson Yekaterina Valkovskaya, Kochegin, whose previous detention ended on Friday, was once again sentenced for organizing unauthorized protests scheduled for this Sunday.

"The court prosecuted him under the administrative law, Kochegin was sentenced to an administrative arrest for ten days," Valkovskaya said.

During his stay at the detention facility, Kochegin was said to have urged the detainees to participate in unauthorized protests.

On January 23, multiple unauthorized protests took place in various regions of Russia, instigated by Navalny loyalists. Similar protests are said to be planned for this Sunday. Both the Russian Interior Ministry and Prosecutor General's Office have been warning that those participating in such events will be held liable to prosecution.