Healthier Layouts At Stores Improve Food Choices Of Customers - Reports

Healthier Layouts at Stores Improve Food Choices of Customers - Reports

LONDON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 08th September, 2021) Placing water, non-foodstuffs, fruit and vegetables instead of sugary items at the entrance to stores promotes more healthy dietary preferences of customers, according to a study out on Tuesday.

"The results showed a reduction in confectionery, and increase in fresh fruits and vegetables, store sales when nonfood items and water were placed at all checkouts and aisle ends opposite, and an enhanced produce section was repositioned to near the store entrance," the research published in the PLoS Medicine medical journal said.

The research was conducted jointly with the Iceland Foods Ltd retailer in supermarkets of England and Iceland. The sale and consumption of junk food within the nine-month period were studied.

Despite the authors' warning that results received might be over- or underestimated, it is said that the ban on prominent unhealthy foods layouts would facilitate the better eating habits of customers.

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