Houthis Say Downed Military Plane Of Arab Coalition In Northwestern Yemen

Houthis Say Downed Military Plane of Arab Coalition in Northwestern Yemen

DOHA (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 15th February, 2020) The Yemeni Shia Houthi rebels said that they had downed a fighter jet of the Arab coalition in the northwestern province of Al-Jawf.

"The air defense forces downed with a modified surface-to-air missile an enemy military plane that was carrying out an attack over the province of Al-Jawf," a spokesperson for the Houthi forces told Al Masirah broadcaster on late Friday.

He called on the Saudi-led coalition to think about the consequences of air raids in the Yemeni air space.

The Arab coalition has not commented on the reports yet.

Since the start of the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen in 2015, the Houthis have many times claimed they had downed enemy drones. At the same time, the coalition's aircraft losses are slight.

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