Hurricane Newton Makes Landfall In Mexico

Hurricane Newton makes landfall in Mexico

LA PAZ, Mexico, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -6th Sept,2016) - Hurricane Newton packing 90-mile (145-kilometer) per hour winds made landfall near the Los Cabos resort area of Mexico's west coast on Tuesday where thousands of tourists and locals are hunkered down, US forecasters said.

"Hurricane winds are spreading over southern Baja California," the US National Hurricane center said in a bulletin that placed the storm five miles (eight kilometers) southeast of the town of Cabo San Lucas.

Some 15,000 tourists are in the region, mostly around the popular resort of Los Cabos, according to the region's tourism secretary, Genaro Ruiz Hernandez, who announced that all flights were cancelled in the state late Monday.

Authorities have also closed ports to small boats in Baja and other parts of the Pacific coast, with a storm surge expected to hit low-lying coastal areas. Los Cabos, famed for its beaches and nightlife, was pummelled in September 2014 by Hurricane Odile which left six people dead and caused $1 billion in damage.