Indian Army Commanders To Discuss Situation In Ladakh At Conference This Week - Reports


Indian Army Commanders to Discuss Situation in Ladakh at Conference This Week - Reports

NEW DELHI (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 26th October, 2020) India's top army commanders are to review the situation in the northern Indian region of Ladakh, which borders China and Pakistan, during a four-day conference that started on Monday, Indian newspaper Times Now reported.

"The Army Commanders will carry out a comprehensive review of the security challenges facing the nation including the situation in eastern Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir," a source told the newspaper.

The publication added that the cancellation or scaling down of the Army Day parade and other ceremonies are among the suggestions to be considered at the conference.

This conference precedes the 8th round of the Indian and Chinese Corps Commander level meeting, which is to be held in Ladakh this week.

Since the 1962 war between India and China, the two have lacked a duly demarcated borderline in the Himalayas. As a consequence, Indian and Chinese forces have often found themselves engaged in skirmishes. The latest clash took place in June and claimed the lives of 20 Indian soldiers.

India and China have launched consultations at the highest military level to settle the long-standing border disagreements. The previous round of talks took place on October 12.