India's Modi Reiterates Commitment To Combat Terrorism Amid Escalated Kashmir Row


India's Modi Reiterates Commitment to Combat Terrorism Amid Escalated Kashmir Row

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 16th August, 2019) Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised in his Independence Day speech to expose those who support, shelter and export terrorism in what is seen as a message to Pakistan whom New Delhi accuses of fueling insurgency in the disputed Kashmir region.

Modi addressed his country from the Red Fort, the traditional place for delivering the speech since 1947, expressing India's commitment to combat terrorism, defined by him as a "war against humanity."

"That is why India is making efforts to expose those supporting, sheltering and exporting terrorism in an effort to strengthen global efforts to deal with the menace," Modi said, quoted by The Times of India.

He presented India's struggle against terrorism as beneficial to the entire region, citing recent attacks in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh as examples of the damage that terrorism could cause.

India has been fighting with several Islamic radical groups some of which are based in Pakistan.

The address comes days after New Delhi stripped the country's Jammu and Kashmir territory of its special status.

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