Italian Teen Seeks To Sue Antivaccine Parents

Italian Teen Seeks to Sue Antivaccine Parents

ROME (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 22nd June, 2021) A teenager from the city of Florence in central Italy appealed to lawyers to file action against his parents forbidding him to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, the Association of Family Lawyers of Tuscany told Sputnik.

The teenager said that his parents refuse to give him a written permission to get vaccinated.

"As a 17-year-old, he cannot choose a lawyer directly and cannot get vaccinations without a document from his parents," Gianni Baldini, a spokesman for the association, said.

The parents of the teenager reportedly find the vaccines unsafe. Social services and the school of the minor found out about the issue, and the school turned to lawyers through the Ministry of education.

"So far, the application has not reached the court. I will try to talk to parents to change their minds... Otherwise, the case will be referred to the juvenile court and a special supervisor from the prosecutor's office will be appointed," the lawyer explained.

He noted that such cases have recently been on the rise across Italy. In particular, a similar episode occurred in the city of Arezzo, where a 16-year-old teenager was also seeking vaccination against COVID-19 against the will of his family.