Kherson Region Wants To Become Part Of Russia After Integration Completion - Authorities

Kherson Region Wants to Become Part of Russia After Integration Completion - Authorities

SIMFEROPOL (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 12th May, 2022) The Kherson Region intends to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin to make it part of Russia after the completion of all integration processes, Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the regional military-civilian administration, told Sputnik.

On Wednesday, Stremousov told reporters that the authorities of the Kherson Region will ask the president of Russia to make the territory part of the Russian Federation.

"The deadlines for preparing the appeal have not yet been indicated. But this is not a matter of the next few days, but of the foreseeable future.

As soon as we complete all the integration processes and are fully prepared for the territory to become a full-fledged region of the Russian Federation, we will immediately appeal to the president of Russia," he said.

The Russian military, during a special operation to demilitarize Ukraine, took control of the Kherson Region in the south of the country and the Azov part of the Zaporozhye Region. Military-civilian administrations have been formed in the regions, broadcasting of Russian tv channels and radio stations has begun, and trade ties with Crimea are being restored.