Knifeman Attacks Brussels Police

Knifeman attacks Brussels police

BRUSSELS, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -7th Sept,2016) : A man wielding a knife attacked two Belgian police officers in the capital Brussels on Wednesday but their body armour protected them and they were unhurt, the police said.

Police gave no immediate details about the suspect's identity or motives for the attack in a park in the Molenbeek district where several men linked to last year's Islamic State-claimed attacks in Paris lived.

The man was arrested by another patrol and is now in custody, police spokeswoman Julie Mampuy told AFP. "Two patrolmen were attacked with a knife by a man while they were in the Bonnevie park in Molenbeek," police spokeswoman Julie Mampuy told AFP.

"They received several knife blows but they were protected by their bullet-proof vests and were fortunately not hurt," she added. In August, a Belgian policewoman shot and killed a machete-wielding Algerian man who wounded two female colleagues in the city of Charleroi, south of Brussels.

IS claimed responsibility for that attack by a man officials said had been living illegally in Belgium. Belgium has remained on high alert following deadly jihadist bombings in March that killed 32 people at Brussels airport and on the city metro which were also claimed by IS.