Kurdish-led SDF Clearing 'Last IS Village In Syria' Of Terrorists - Spokesman

Kurdish-led SDF Clearing 'Last IS Village in Syria' of Terrorists - Spokesman

DAMSCUS (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 11th February, 2019) The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are clearing the village of Baghuz, which is from their point of view the last settlement in Syria controlled by the Islamic State terror group (IS, outlawed in Russia), of the terrorists, SDF spokesman Mustafa Bali said on Sunday.

"SDF have advanced on northern and western axis into Baghuz since 19:00 [17:00 GMT] yesterday evening, capturing 41 positions of ISIS and destroying fortifications. IS counterattack was foiled at 4 am this morning.

Heavy fighting is going on inside the last village at the moment," Bali wrote on his Twitter page.

On Saturday, the SDF announced start of the operation aimed at liberating Baghuz from the IS terrorists. The SDF units claim that Baghuz is the last village held by the terror group in Syria.

The SDF units are engaged in fight against terrorists and are backed by the US-led coalition, whose airstrikes in the region have resulted in multiple civilian casualties, according to Syrian media reports.

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