Kurdish SDF Says Reached Deal With Damascus To Deploy Troops, Repel Turkish Offensive

Kurdish SDF Says Reached Deal With Damascus to Deploy Troops, Repel Turkish Offensive

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 14th October, 2019) The authorities of the Kurdish autonomy on Sunday announced reaching an agreement with Damascus on the deployment of the Syrian troops along the entire borderline with Turkey to counter the Turkish offensive in the north of Syria.

"To prevent and repel this attack, an agreement has been reached with the Syrian government to protect the border and sovereignty of Syria. The Syrian army will enter [the Kurdish-controlled areas] and deploy troops along the entire Syrian-Turkish border in order to help the [Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF] repel this attack and liberate areas, occupied by the Turkish army and its affiliates," the statement read.

According to the text, the agreement is aimed at "liberating as well other Syrian cities, occupied by Turkey, including Afrin."

On Wednesday, Turkey launched Operation Peace Spring in north Syria. The air component of the operation has begun the same day in the Ras al-Ain town of Al Hasakah province, while the land operations have been launched shortly after. The Turkish offensive is part of Ankara's long-standing goal to clear its Syria-facing border area of the Islamic States terrorists (banned in Russia) and the Kurdish militia, whom Ankara designates as terrorists.

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