Lebanon's Telecom Network May Be Out Of Service If Blackouts Intensify - Telecom Chief

Lebanon's Telecom Network May Be Out of Service If Blackouts Intensify - Telecom Chief

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 08th June, 2021) Lebanon's state telecom monopoly may be rendered incapable of providing internet and telephone services should the power outages plaguing the Mediterranean nation worsen, Imad Kreidieh, Chairman Director General of OgeroTelecom, told Sputnik on Monday.

"The problem is that the ongoing power outages threaten Ogero's telephone exchanges, and subsequently all forms of communication including the stationary telephone network and the internet," Kreidieh said.

Historically facing frequent electricity shortages dubbed locally as "electricity rationing," the Mediterranean nation relies on diesel-powered backup generators to produce electricity during the blackouts.

Lebanon's ongoing economic crisis exacerbated the matter further, with blackouts intensifying as a plummeting local Currency and a sluggish state subsidy mechanism for essential goods rendered fuel importers incapable of meeting the country's demands.

"We in Ogero have been studying the possibility of procuring new generators for our telephone exchanges to cover the difference and allow us to continue providing services to the country's citizens, on the condition that diesel fuel and other oil products are available on the local market," Kreidieh added.

These statements come after Lebanese President Michael Aoun's decree granting an exceptional treasury advance of 300 billion Lebanese Pounds ($196.4 million) to the country's state-owned electricity company, Electricite Du Liban, to procure fuel and increase electricity output hours.