Left-Wing Armed Group ELN Denies Planning Attack In Colombia's Bogota

Left-Wing Armed Group ELN Denies Planning Attack in Colombia's Bogota

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 12th February, 2021) The Colombian left-wing armed group National Liberation Army (ELN) has denied that it prepared attack in Bogota, as earlier announced by the Cuban embassy.

"After verifying with all the armed structures of the National Liberation Army (ELN), we clarify that the information received by the Cuban embassy in Bogota is not part of the ELN military plans," the ELN said in a release on Thursday.

The group also warned that the Colombian army may try to carry out terrorist actions against the population in order to shift the blame to the ELN so it will intensify international pressure against the ELN peace negotiators who remain in Cuba.

Earlier on Monday, the local media revealed a document prepared by the Cuban embassy where it warned Colombia of the possible attack planned by the ELN in the capital of the Latin American nation.

The ELN group is the last armed group in Colombia that is involved in the continuing conflict with the Latin American country after signing a peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in 2016.