Maduro Says Drills At Colombian Border Aim To Protect Territory, Not Threaten Anyone


Maduro Says Drills at Colombian Border Aim to Protect Territory, Not Threaten Anyone

BUENOS AIRES (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 11th September, 2019) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that Venezuela's large-scale military drills near the Colombian border are not aimed at threatening anyone, but were organize to protect Venezuelan territory.

Last week, the Venezuelan leader announced that large-scale military exercises would be held near the Colombian border on September 10-28. According to Maduro, Venezuela was deploying air defense systems at its border with Colombia for the period of holding the drills.

"We do not threaten anyone. The Venezuelan army has never gone beyond the country's borders to threaten or invade the territory of other nation, and this will never happen. The main idea of our armed forces is a defense strategy .

.. But for the case if we need to protect [Venezuelan citizens] by arms, Venezuela has the prepared and well-equipped armed forces to protect the homeland," Maduro stated.

Relations between Caracas and Bogota worsened amid a political crisis that erupted in Venezuela. In January, the opposition tried to overthrow Maduro in a bid to install its leader Juan Guaido. The attempt failed but unrest continued with Maduro accusing Bogota of being behind the plot to overthrow and assassinate him.

Colombia has denied the claims. However, Bogota, alongside some other countries, endorsed Guaido as an interim president. At the same time, China and Russia were among the states that supported Maduro.

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